Monday, April 20, 2015

E, O, L, F

I took some photos of the boys the other day... I am horrible at getting their pictures done professionally, but pretty good at documenting their life in other ways... instagram and blogging anyone? Anyway, I love that when I am having a gathering at my house, some things actually get done that I've been wanting to do for a long time, for example, we had a broken picture frame so we had Elliott's picture off the wall, and had never had Franky's picture on the wall. And Lincoln was 1-year-old in his picture. So it was time for new ones. I took some myself and printed them at Costco. Next time I'll lighten them up a little bit and make them wear cuter clothes (we tried some before church with their dress shirts, but it was too bright.) I like them on my wall and can't wait to take more and change them out soon... maybe next book club? Ha. 

I left in all the extras. I like how it shows their personalities with each face. :)

This was Franky's winning pic. 
(I wish his eyes showed this blue on the print.)

Here's Elliott's winner. 

Linc's winner.
Silly kid. 

Ollie's winner. 

halloween 2014

 I guess this was in my drafts and I never posted it! So... Happy Halloween!
I can't believe how dark Linc's hair is here! It is already going lighter with him being outside a lot this spring. 

Adam came home right at the end to help with the last one. You would never know I run the whole show because I'm never in the pictures, ahh- motherhood. :) We all know pumpkins wouldn't get carved without a mother, right? Ha. 

Linc and I snapping pictures at the same time. 

This was our pride and joy pumpkin. It was perfectly shaped, and so big, even though it doesn't look like it. We waited until the day before Halloween to pick it, to see if it would get orange all the way. We loved the green anyway- so different and cool. 

We decided it was way too cool to carve, so we left it on our porch through Thanksgiving. 
Elliott- ready for school on Halloween as an evil jester. 

Ollie was a swamp zombie. His mask made the outfit, but they weren't allowed at school. 

Linc, the SWAT guy.

With some of their friends- Dawson, Shawn and Ryan. 
Franky was the cutest little lion. Ollie and Linc both wore this same suit once upon a time. It is one of my favorite costumes!! Add a nose and whiskers and it is almost too much!

Franky, the fluffy lion!

Grayson, Gabby and Addie joined this picture. We had soup before trick-or-treating together. 

Fluffy mane!

Taking Franky trick-or-treating at the same time as 11-year-olds is quite the task- there was lots of this...
...and this. They didn't want to wait for us. I think next year, the big boys would rather go without me and it's good, but sad. 

We all kept ruffling that ruffly mane, because who wouldn't???

So lucky to go with cousins! (Will, Addie, Ollie, Franky)

Franky was unsure about the Starkey house, but candy was involved, so he proceeded with caution. Dax was funny. 

Funny dumplin'. 

I remember being a kid and having my collection of Halloween candy. It's like I was the richest person in the world at that moment. These guys look pretty content.

Organizing, situating, trading and sorting. All the best parts of Halloween!

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